Automated Text Messages Means Fewer Cavities for Your Patients… and More Business for You


Dentists have always relied on regular reminders to keep their clients coming back for checkups, cleanings and other medical services. However, postcards and mailers often end up in the trash. Patients often get annoyed by phone calls received at inappropriate times, and some won’t answer unfamiliar numbers. Email reminders have fared slightly better, but they often end up being ignored or caught in spam folders. Automated text message might be one of the answers to reach patients in a non intrusive way.

Automated Text Message Reminders

The best solution for today’s dentists is business text messaging and SMS appointment reminders. Automated SMS reminders can get you more return customers and business. An appointment reminder system enables your staff to automatically schedule appointment reminders, recurring maintenance notifications and other alerts ahead of time and get more repeat business from returning customers. For example, if a patient needs dental cleaning every six months, you can set a recurring reminder to send a text message to a customer every six months.

An appointment reminder can do more than notify patients that they have a cleaning scheduled in the next few days. It enables you to more responsive and provide a higher level of care for your patients. For example, you can use an SMS appointment reminder to monitor patients who have serious conditions, or alert them when their test results have come in from the lab. This level of responsiveness means better customer service and communication with your patients, which will lead to higher patient retention.

Increase Customer Base

Using an SMS appointment reminder is a great way to increase your customer base. More people today – particularly Millennials – prefer texting over calling. Texting can help your business to capture younger clientele, and hence, grow your practice. Using your patients’ preferred method of communication means that there will be less forgotten or missed appointments, which will result in more business for your practice.

Unlike other methods of sending appointment reminders, customers do read text messages, which is the ultimate goal. Using an automated text message solution to send SMS appointment reminder will increase your message read by customers success rate to over 90%. It’s a much higher response rate than postcards, phone calls and emails. Customers read most messages within minutes of receipt, and and ignore very few.  Text message delivery receipts will let you know that your messages are getting through to your patients.

Improve Work/Life Balance

We approach life as business owners and professionals often forgetting that we are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and so on. We get busy with our work and forget about families and personal life. While some tasks at our workplaces can be better performed by technology, we often ignore using it to our advantage. Remember how many hours you have saved by setting-up to pay your bills via automated recurring payments? The same way, automating certain tasks in your workplace (e.g. sending a text message reminder every 6 months to patients) can mean more efficient workflow, more customers and more free time for your family. The advantages of using text messaging for this purpose are huge.

As you can see, an automated test message reminder is the ideal tool for communicating with patients about upcoming appointments, as well as staying in touch and being a more responsive dentist. An appointment reminder system will help with maintaining your current patients, as well as growing your customer base. Use today’s technology and tools to stay in touch with your patients, and you’ll have more return customers and business.