Putting it in messaging language, your front office is going to texting.

Here are some of the reasons why.

MessageKite Benefits - Speak their language

The preferred medium

People everywhere text now. Particularly youth and Millennials. With your front desk  staff text messaging, your business will be getting more sales by simply speaking the ‘right language.’ No more FOMO.

Break through

Here’s an eye-opening stat: 98% of text messages get read. In a time where phone calls get swiped away, and emails just seem to disappear into spam folders – texting is the very best way to have your message land.

MessageKite Benefits - Messages get read

Spend less time chasing

Late payment? Cancelled appointment? Following up with customers, employees and vendors can be time-consuming and uncomfortable. Texting makes it easier. Especially since, with texting, you don’t have to worry about reaching out in times that might not be convenient.

MessageKite Benefits - Chasing Customers
MessageKite Benefits - Instant Documentation

Instant Documentation

When your front desk staff uses MessageKite for messaging, there’s a record of every interchange. No need to record calls so you can listen to them later on.

No Grumpy Customer Service

Customer-facing employees sometimes have bad days, which can impact their tone of voice. With text messaging, it’s more difficult for a negative mood to creep through. Plus, because every interaction is recorded, you can go back and use the records for training purposes. 

MessageKite Benefits - Instant Documentation
MessageKite Benefits - Less errors

Less Errors

It’s easy for appointments to get mixed up or for customer names to get misspelled over the phone. Two-way texting offers your front desk staff time to think before response and a visual way to communicate error-free.

Undeniably powerful

It’s obvious. Business text messaging, has become the communication technology of today offering features other communication channels don’t. Compete successfully by integrating this super-tool into your daily business.


MessageKite Benefits - Less errors

See if it’s a fit. Give it a try.

Give your business a power of messaging and see how your front-desk and customers fall in love with you. No strings attached.