Business Text Messaging: Customer Service of the Future


Today’s business world is fast-paced and digital-based. Gone are the days of calling businesses for directions and playing phone tag. Text messaging has streamlined the social world, so why not the business world too? It’s already here. Business text messaging and customized business texting applications for customer care are the way of the future for customer service.

Voice Calls Are Dying

While 10 – 20 years ago, picking up the phone to call someone for their location, hiring opportunities or customer support was totally normal, now it’s borderline rude.

Think about your work day: would stopping everything to describe your office location over the phone thrill you? Chances are, probably not. Phone calls just don’t appeal to today’s culture. It’s a hassle to track someone down and catch them on the phone.

Why waste that time playing phone tag, when a text message can grab them as soon as they’re available?

Using Text Messaging For Better Customer Service

Text to landline services are ideal for small to medium size businesses. Using a text enabled landline phone to reach your customers is way to set yourself apart from competitors.

Business text messaging offers several benefits for both the customer and your business:

  1. No need to play phone tag and suffer delays
  2. Customers can reply at their convenience
  3. Less miscommunication through spelling, mumbling or different accents
  4. Less likely message will be missed (text messaging has a 90%+ open rate)
  5. Can send immediate instructions (rather than dictating over the phone, or sending a follow-up email)
  6. Customers have desired information saved on their phone (No more losing post-it notes!)
  7. Reach customers even when they don’t have access to Wi-Fi or a listed landline
  8. You don’t look like a telemarketer
  9. Blessed relief from on-hold elevator music

A Personal Touch

Image yourself as the customer. How much do you hate cold calls? Telemarketers? It’s nearly impossible to call your customers unannounced without coming across negatively. Even calling with deals and freebies are a nuisance.

Text messaging sits in a magical realm all its own though. It’s a friendly reminder or helpful note on your customer’s phone, waiting for their convenience, There’s no pressure and it’s not pushy.

That’s the key to text: it’s not ‘salesy’. The customer can get to it when they want, so it never feels like someone’s trying to push or sell something. This is one of the most valuable characteristics a company can have (and the essence of content marketing). Text messaging lets customers feel like they’re making the choice to buy; the ball is in their court.

Business Text Messaging: Meeting Modern Needs

Exceptional customer service is about meeting your customer’s needs. That means adapting to changing times, tools and attitudes. The reality is we now live in a digital world and more people view text as the most convenient medium.

Investing in different options for your customers, like text, puts you ahead of the pack. You will stand out from others that rely on the dated methods of communication.

So, while your competitors are praying someone opens their emails, your customers have all the details at their fingertips – guaranteed.