Business Text Messaging Examples: How Text Messaging Will Shape The Future of Car Sales


It’s 2017, and smartphones have been ubiquitous for a while now. You probably have one in your pocket at this moment. This technological shift is so widespread that it’s almost a mandatory part of the modern workforce. When it comes to taking advantage of business opportunities, the potential of text messaging is literally at your fingertips. The business text messaging examples below might help you better understand its application to auto industry.

Cars are an equally essential part of our lives, and text messaging technology is well-suited to the auto sales market. Just don’t text and drive at the same time. In fact, text messaging can benefit almost every facet of a dealership and/or body shop’s operations.

Automotive Business Text Messaging Examples

Read on for a few examples of how text messaging can be used in automotive industry to provide better customer service, increase loyalty, and repeat sales.

SMS Reminders

When a customer has scheduled an appointment for service, they can be reminded of it by text message. This method is both more convenient and more reliable than the traditional phone call or voicemail.

SMS Promotions

Regular customers can sign up for weekly or monthly text message updates on discounts and promotions, encouraging more frequent visits by giving customers greater access to information. In addition, those who sign up could be eligible for promotions specific to them. Customer engagement often increases when they feel they’re being given exclusive opportunities.

Easy Communication

When vehicles are in for service, customers often need transportation home, and then back to their vehicle when the service is complete. Retailers usually provide these rides at no cost. They can also communicate with customer by text message to further minimize customer inconvenience. Showing a commitment to customer mobility adds a personal touch to the business.

SMS Notifications

When customers are looking to buy a new vehicle, they tend to arrive with a clear idea of what they want. They may be looking for a certain style, or even for a specific make and model. If they’re interested in something that isn’t currently available, they could be notified by text message when that vehicle or a similar alternative becomes available. This would help discourage the customer from looking elsewhere, especially if financial incentives are attached.


Text messaging is increasingly vital to conducting business in Canada. A new generation of buyers and employees is becoming more and more prominent, many of whom have sent text messages regularly for most of their lives. The world of cars is only one industry where this new technological norm can have a major impact. It’s important for businesses to be trendsetters, and they’ll find that implementing text messaging services goes a long way towards deepening customer experiences and attracting new interest.