Business Text Messaging: What Is It?


What is business text messaging? Is it business owner responding to customer inquiries on his personal phone while he plays with his kids? Or is it pushing thousands of messages to your mobile marketing list using a short code? It is all of these and so much more. Nowadays business messaging technology has developed to a state where businesses can go beyond the ability to message their customers directly from their personal phones, like they you do with their family and friends. Business messaging nowadays is more sophisticated and it’s using it is more critical taking into consideration fading importance of voice and email communication. As from the the customer’s perspective, texting channel might work much better in a lot of cases, being faster and more efficient and providing direct access to the company.

Future Of Customer Service

Text service for small businesses brings a whole new dimension to customer support. There is a personal touch inherent in the tool, that is lacking in phone calls and email. Your messages arrive in the same place that a customer’s friends and family messages end up. You reap the benefits of those relationships, just by appearing next to them.

It’s far easier and convenient to use, too. Compare sending off a text to sitting on a phone support queue or even writing out an email. B2C communication is streamlined with landline to text messaging and is adapted to the times.

Everyone and their mother is on their phones these days and texting is the medium of choice. You need to go where your customers are, not the other way around.

What is Business Text Messaging and How It Works?

Using MessageKite to jump into the business text messaging world couldn’t be easier. You’ve got two options to get started: SMS-enable an existing landline or create a new number dedicated to texting.

It’s that easy. Customers send and receive texts the good old-fashioned way, from their phones. On the company side, messages are sent, created, scheduled and received through our computer app. Using that same program, you can keep track of messages and send multiple texts at once.

Who Can Use It?

MessageKite’s business texting service is made especially for small to medium size businesses for a B2C capacity. It’s perfect for you if you’re looking to reach your customers more directly and efficiently.

This is not made for spamming or promotional purposes though. Having access to your customer’s texting inbox should be considered sacred, so don’t take advantage by blasting them with promos every other day.

So, what to use it for? This business texting app is great for appointment, service or product-based companies. For example, you can schedule, confirm, change or cancel appointments through the app, and have a documented log of your communications right on your computer. You can do the same for confirming and tracking purchases, or scheduling meetings with clients.

Alternatively, you can use your text-enabled landline to send your customers important information like directions, confirm prices, product/service selection and so much more. Using message groups, you can send texts to multiple customers at once, saving you tons of time.

The best part is your customers will have the information handy right on their phones. Instead of searching Google, where time limits can risk a reload and losing your page, the info sits safely in their text inbox.

Where To Get It

If you are still wondering what is business text messaging you can try it for your business absolutely risk-free. It’s as simple as clicking the ‘Free trial’ button. No word of a lie, you can try this service out on your existing landline for a whole year. You can’t get a better guarantee than that. For even more options and features, check out our pricing and FAQ pages.