The business texting app for small business

Make customer communication personal and effective. Keep your messages out of their spam folder and unheard voicemails. Text messages are seen and read. So, why not send and receive customer texts from the convenience of your reception desk with the feature-rich business texting app?

MessageKite is a Business Texting App for Small Business

Send and receive text messages from your landline or toll-free number

Don’t need to switch, change or cancel your current voice provider

No contracts. No commitments. Unbeatable prices.

All the features you need are here

Business Messaging

Message Templates

Appointment reminders

Group Messaging


Email Notifications

Contact Management

Messaging History

Text from the convenience of your desktop

Yes, it’s true. We can add texting capacity to your front desk desktop. Customers will be able to text you in addition to calling or emailing. All your voice services stay intact – you don’t have to cancel anything with your current provider. We’ll simply text-enable your business phone number and provide access to a business texting app so you can easily get started. Don’t want to text-enable your current office line? No worries – we can give you a new number for texting purposes.

Email Notifications

Never miss a text! Did you receive a message while you were away from your desk, or outside of office hours? No worries. We’ll send you a quick email to inform you of the text. No more lost business opportunities!

Message Templates

Add the desired personal touch and enjoy the efficiency of pre-generated messages. Create templates you can use for sending the same basic message to multiple customers. Streamline your appointment confirmations, reminders, and more.


Today’s consumers expect quick response times. Use business texting app to send an immediate response to customers when no one is available to answer inquiries. Set an auto-responder for out-of-office hours or during the holidays.

Message from any web browser

Conveniently see messaging conversations with your customers from one simple web interface. Our easy-access layout allows you to respond to all inquiries from one page. Your reception desk can access business texting app from anywhere, using any web browser or tablet (mobile app coming soon).

Real-time landline messaging

Text messaging history

Message Composer

Screenshots of text enabled landline phone app on desktop, tablet and mobile

Create different messaging groups

Schedule messages or send immediately


Group Messaging

Create text groups to target your messages. Do you need to notify employees about an upcoming emergency drill? Let customers know you will be closed for the holiday? Send a special thank you or notification to a select customers? Create different groups, and text all group members at once. Since texts have a 95% open rate, you can rest assured they will see your message.

Contact Management

Enjoy convenient communication with easy-to-manage contact groups and categories. Create classifications such as Customers, Employees, and Vendors. Easily upload your existing contacts via .csv. 

Create multiple contact categories

Import existing contacts


Appointment Reminders/Scheduled Messages

Boost business with automatic follow-up. Do you need to remind a customer they are due for an oil change or a teeth cleaning? Schedule a reminder or notification for 6 months from now and forget about it. Your customer will receive their notice right on time. You’ve reduced the margin for human error, saved staff hours, and increased your bottom line.




Scheduled Messages

Different Timezones

Delivery Reports