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What is business text messaging coupon

What is business text messaging? Is it business owner responding to customer inquiries on his personal phone while he plays with his kids? Or is it pushing thousands of messages to your mobile marketing list using a short code? It is all of these and so much more. Nowadays business messaging technology has developed to a state where businesses can go beyond the ability to message their customers directly from their personal phones, like they you do with their family and friends. Business messaging nowadays is more sophisticated and it’s using it is more critical taking into consideration fading importance of voice and email communication. As from the the customer’s perspective, texting channel might work much better in a lot of cases, being faster and more efficient and providing direct access to the company.

Future Of Customer Service

Text service for small businesses brings a whole new dimension to customer support. There is a personal touch inherent in the tool, that is lacking in phone calls and email. Your messages arrive in the same place that a customer’s friends and family messages end up. You reap the benefits of those relationships, just by appearing next to them.

It’s far easier and convenient to use, too. Compare sending off a text to sitting on a phone support queue or even writing out an email. B2C communication is streamlined with landline to text messaging and is adapted to the times.

Everyone and their mother is on their phones these days and texting is the medium of choice. You need to go where your customers are, not the other way around.

What is Business Text Messaging and How It Works?

Using MessageKite to jump into the business text messaging world couldn’t be easier. You’ve got two options to get started: SMS-enable an existing landline or create a new number dedicated to texting.

It’s that easy. Customers send and receive texts the good old-fashioned way, from their phones. On the company side, messages are sent, created, scheduled and received through our computer app. Using that same program, you can keep track of messages and send multiple texts at once.

Who Can Use It?

Business Text Messaging SurveyMessageKite’s business texting service is made especially for small to medium size businesses for a B2C capacity. It’s perfect for you if you’re looking to reach your customers more directly and efficiently.

This is not made for spamming or promotional purposes though. Having access to your customer’s texting inbox should be considered sacred, so don’t take advantage by blasting them with promos every other day.

So, what to use it for? This business texting app is great for appointment, service or product-based companies. For example, you can schedule, confirm, change or cancel appointments through the app, and have a documented log of your communications right on your computer. You can do the same for confirming and tracking purchases, or scheduling meetings with clients.

Alternatively, you can use your text-enabled landline to send your customers important information like directions, confirm prices, product/service selection and so much more. Using message groups, you can send texts to multiple customers at once, saving you tons of time.

The best part is your customers will have the information handy right on their phones. Instead of searching Google, where time limits can risk a reload and losing your page, the info sits safely in their text inbox.

Where To Get It

If you are still wondering what is business text messaging you can try it for your business absolutely risk-free. It’s as simple as clicking the ‘Free trial’ button. No word of a lie, you can try this service out on your existing landline for a whole year. You can’t get a better guarantee than that. For even more options and features, check out our pricing and FAQ pages.

Business text messaging with happy customer who drinks beer

Today’s business world is fast-paced and digital-based. Gone are the days of calling businesses for directions and playing phone tag. Text messaging has streamlined the social world, so why not the business world too? It’s already here. Business text messaging and customized business texting applications for customer care are the way of the future for customer service.

Voice Calls Are Dying

While 10 – 20 years ago, picking up the phone to call someone for their location, hiring opportunities or customer support was totally normal, now it’s borderline rude.

Think about your work day: would stopping everything to describe your office location over the phone thrill you? Chances are, probably not. Phone calls just don’t appeal to today’s culture. It’s a hassle to track someone down and catch them on the phone.

Why waste that time playing phone tag, when a text message can grab them as soon as they’re available?

Using Text Messaging For Better Customer Service

Text to landline services are ideal for small to medium size businesses. Using a text enabled landline phone to reach your customers is way to set yourself apart from competitors.

Business text messaging offers several benefits for both the customer and your business:

  1. No need to play phone tag and suffer delays
  2. Customers can reply at their convenience
  3. Less miscommunication through spelling, mumbling or different accents
  4. Less likely message will be missed (text messaging has a 90%+ open rate)
  5. Can send immediate instructions (rather than dictating over the phone, or sending a follow-up email)
  6. Customers have desired information saved on their phone (No more losing post-it notes!)
  7. Reach customers even when they don’t have access to Wi-Fi or a listed landline
  8. You don’t look like a telemarketer
  9. Blessed relief from on-hold elevator music

A Personal Touch

Image yourself as the customer. How much do you hate cold calls? Telemarketers? It’s nearly impossible to call your customers unannounced without coming across negatively. Even calling with deals and freebies are a nuisance.

Text messaging sits in a magical realm all its own though. It’s a friendly reminder or helpful note on your customer’s phone, waiting for their convenience, There’s no pressure and it’s not pushy.

That’s the key to text: it’s not ‘salesy’. The customer can get to it when they want, so it never feels like someone’s trying to push or sell something. This is one of the most valuable characteristics a company can have (and the essence of content marketing). Text messaging lets customers feel like they’re making the choice to buy; the ball is in their court.

Business Text Messaging: Meeting Modern Needs

Exceptional customer service is about meeting your customer’s needs. That means adapting to changing times, tools and attitudes. The reality is we now live in a digital world and more people view text as the most convenient medium.

Investing in different options for your customers, like text, puts you ahead of the pack. You will stand out from others that rely on the dated methods of communication.

So, while your competitors are praying someone opens their emails, your customers have all the details at their fingertips – guaranteed.

Owner frustrated at customer who is texting for small business
If you’re a small business owner who has incorporated text messaging into everyday operations, you are definitely on the right track! Personal texting is the preferred method of communication today, and texting for small business is on the rise. It is easy, convenient and you can do it from anywhere at any time. Have you ever wondered if you are using text messaging properly?

While texting seems simple enough, chances are that there are a few things you can do to improve your personal and business life. One of the most important parts of implementing business text messaging is separating business from personal. As a business owner, you probably have a business cell phone as well as a personal cell phone. It only makes sense to use one for both purposes, right? While in many cases consolidation is your best bet, when it comes to company-based communication, it is always best to keep the two separate.Combining business and personal text messaging can be problematic. Common issues include:

No work/life balance

Business owners are busy people and some days you probably feel  that you just can’t finish your work. But, by not separating business communications from personal communications, work/life balanced is disrupted even more. If clients have your personal number, this means they can text and call you long after you’ve left work. This can start to interfere with family and personal time. While you may be a hardworking business owner, we all need time for ourselves and those around us!

Messages can get lost in the shuffle

Chances are that throughout the day, you receive plenty of personal and business text messages. If you keep these communications in one phone, the chances of forgetting to respond, responding to the wrong person, or overlooking a message is high. But, if you keep the two separate, you can properly manage communications with customers, friends, and family members. So how can you avoid these common business text message pitfalls? Thankfully, the solution is quite easy!

1. Don’t use your personal number for work-related activities

These days it is quite easy to get a second line for business texting purposes. If you search your app store for “free texting” keyword you’ll find tons of free apps. Get a new number for your business texting and avoid giving away your personal number from this time on.

2. Consider a text-enabling your business landline

Mobile phone with MMS coupon sent with texting for small business This allows you to send and receive text messages without a need to use a cell phone at all. This strategy works best when your company already has a business landline phone that has been the go-to number for your customers. When you SMS-enable your business phone, you attract customers who prefer texting over calling. With texting for small business not only you add a new communication channel, but also can send picture coupons, reminders and notification to your customers.

3. Don’t neglect work/life balance

Taking time for yourself and time for your family, with no interruptions from your business, is a must! Don’t hesitate to not answer business communications after a certain time of day, and don’t feel as if you have to be available every hour of every day.

Don’t forget, we have only one life. While work is important, there are other more important things in life. Your family, children, friends and last but not least you – are craving for your attention! Without you being in a good shape and great mood your business will not prosper. Business texting for small business can be a a powerful tool, that can help you separate business from personal and free-up more time for your favorite activities. Don’t co-mingle the two and see how you’ll bring more smiles to the faces of people you care most!

business text messaging examples automotive industry

It’s 2017, and smartphones have been ubiquitous for a while now. You probably have one in your pocket at this moment. This technological shift is so widespread that it’s almost a mandatory part of the modern workforce. When it comes to taking advantage of business opportunities, the potential of text messaging is literally at your fingertips. The business text messaging examples below might help you better understand its application to auto industry.

Cars are an equally essential part of our lives, and text messaging technology is well-suited to the auto sales market. Just don’t text and drive at the same time. In fact, text messaging can benefit almost every facet of a dealership and/or body shop’s operations.

Automotive Business Text Messaging Examples

Read on for a few examples of how text messaging can be used in automotive industry to provide better customer service, increase loyalty, and repeat sales.

SMS Reminders

When a customer has scheduled an appointment for service, they can be reminded of it by text message. This method is both more convenient and more reliable than the traditional phone call or voicemail.

SMS Promotions

Regular customers can sign up for weekly or monthly text message updates on discounts and promotions, encouraging more frequent visits by giving customers greater access to information. In addition, those who sign up could be eligible for promotions specific to them. Customer engagement often increases when they feel they’re being given exclusive opportunities.

Easy Communication

When vehicles are in for service, customers often need transportation home, and then back to their vehicle when the service is complete. Retailers usually provide these rides at no cost. They can also communicate with customer by text message to further minimize customer inconvenience. Showing a commitment to customer mobility adds a personal touch to the business.

SMS Notifications

When customers are looking to buy a new vehicle, they tend to arrive with a clear idea of what they want. They may be looking for a certain style, or even for a specific make and model. If they’re interested in something that isn’t currently available, they could be notified by text message when that vehicle or a similar alternative becomes available. This would help discourage the customer from looking elsewhere, especially if financial incentives are attached.


Text messaging is increasingly vital to conducting business in Canada. A new generation of buyers and employees is becoming more and more prominent, many of whom have sent text messages regularly for most of their lives. The world of cars is only one industry where this new technological norm can have a major impact. It’s important for businesses to be trendsetters, and they’ll find that implementing text messaging services goes a long way towards deepening customer experiences and attracting new interest.

Receptionist Using Small Business Text Messaging

Nowadays, everything is done using a mobile device. From online purchases to communication, on-the-go convenience is a requirement. Mobile trends continue to evolve, but one trend that has continued to grow is the use of text messaging. According to Forrester, more than 6 billion text messages are sent each day. As a business owner, small business text messaging can be beneficial in many ways.

If you’re looking to reach your company’s customer service and communication goals, now is the time to start using texts! Read on to learn about the top 3 benefits of text messaging.


Text messaging is convenient for you and for your customers. This communication channel is easier than sending an email or picking up the phone to make a call. How often have you called a customer with no response? How many times has a customer called, only to be put on hold?

These inconveniences can be avoided with the use of text messaging! Instead, Customers can text you with questions or concerns in just a few seconds! Convenience and customer service go hand-in-hand. Customers should have an open line of communication around the clock. By using an SMS-enabled landline phone, customers can communicate with your company anywhere at any time. Here is small business text messaging in action.

Automated notifications

These days it’s likely that customer communication is done through phone calls and emails. While these methods work, they are not the most ideal. Customers don’t always pick up the phone when you call, and voicemails are rarely listened to. The same problem exists with emails. However, with text messages, it is all but promised that your message will be read. With text messaging, you can implement automated notifications for all purposes.

Do you need to remind clients of upcoming appointments? Want to let customers know that your business will be closed next Tuesday? With small business text messaging, notifications can not only be automated, but they can be sent en masse! This means you can automatically reach hundreds of customers at the same time!

 Get your messages read

In the past, emailing was the go-to method to communicate with customers. However, the read rate of emails has plummeted in recent years. Did you know that only 22 percent of all the emails you send are read? This is because emails are not as quick or convenient as texts.

But, by communicating via text messages, your messages read success rate can skyrocket to over 90 percent! This means that customers will receive your communications quickly and easily. Gone are the days of sending cold emails that are never read. Whether you’re sending an appointment reminder to a customer or notifying them of an upcoming sale, texts can help spread the word!

Text messaging is a must-have if you want to provide quality customer service while also focusing on convenient communication. The benefits of implementing text messaging are endless and it is inexpensive too! Boost your customer service and communication channels by using a texting service for small business.

messaging customers from landline messaging app
Customer support through text messaging is a new and vital approach towards garnering a better relationship with customers. Old mediums of communication, such as direct phone calls, are out of date, and are inefficient at establishing a better rapport with customers. Text messaging is beneficial for several reasons: It cuts labour costs, organizes the database of client information, and at the same time, offers customers a wider range of content and information.

Customer support through text messaging is not simply a creative approach in fortifying the relationship with customers, it is an essential means of communication. Unlike phone calls, it is more client centric because it establishes the sense of importance between the customer and the service they are seeking. A sense of priority is key in the realm of customer support. As outlined below, text messaging as a form of communication is both beneficial to the support desk, and to the customers being served.


In the realm of marketing, the client’s’ information is vital, therefore, appropriate recordkeeping is essential when collecting a customer’s data. Customer support through text messaging allows for a more organized approach of recordkeeping to take place. When information is properly organized it can be utilized more efficiently to improve the quality of products and services. Coincided with excellent customer support, proper recordkeeping increases the customer’s satisfaction because it enhances the development of the customer’s experience.

Text messaging as a means of communication is a more efficient approach towards keeping a record on specific clientele. This is an essential strategy in prioritizing your clientele and establishing a better rapport.


Giving support via phone calls has its limits. Support representatives can only speak to one customer at a time, and at the cost of keeping other customers on hold. The longer the customer waits, the less important they will feel in the relationship with the service they seek. Communication through text messaging, on the other hand, expands that outreach, while also making sure that the customer feels valued and important. By incorporating text messaging as a way of communication into the customer’s experience, it utilizes time more efficiently by providing more support to a larger array of customers, while at the same time, respecting their patience by making them feel valued.

Communication through the use of text messaging is an effective approach towards saving time, avoiding long waits, decreasing the costs of labour, while making the customer feel more appreciated. Text messaging is not simply a modern form of multitasking, it’s an excellent strategy at developing a relationship with the customer because it makes them feel a priority.

Specific Content

Text messaging expands the means of communication because it opens up more mediums of dialogue and content. Through text messaging, customers are now exposed to more outlets to receive information from. Be it URLs, PDF links, downloadable information, apps, or even images, text messaging allows customers to have a wider range of opportunities to come into contact with the content and information that they seek.


Customer support is an equation of both time and convenience. The longer the time, the less convenient the customer support will be. Keeping customers on hold not only irritates clientele, it creates tension between the support desk and the clients who are irritated for waiting so long. Text messaging, by contrast, transcends the old hassles that were confined by phone calls. Instead of waiting, customers can text, and at the same time feel valued and important.

Stop testing the customer’s patience and make them feel valued! Incorporate text messaging into your customer support strategy today.

Customers messaging business landline

Relying on traditional methods of reaching customers puts you far behind the starting line, especially when upgrading and integrating versatile communications channels is simpler than you may have thought.

Tickets, phone calls, emails and instant messaging are reliable channels of customer support, but they don’t cater to all customers and they all have their limitations which will show up negatively in your numbers later. The inherent shortcomings in these communication channels can create a frustrating experience for your customers, and hurt your brand’s reputation. Rather than trying to train customer service representatives who are doing their jobs correctly, you can consider adding on a method that serves to lessen the impact of the disappointing experiences of waiting on hold too long or spending days flipping emails back and forth.

There are so many innovations and ways to optimize customer support to cater to the individual customer with high reward and low cost. It’s an advantage businesses may be missing out on by not implementing SMS communication.

And customers have shown interest in receiving promotions and information via text messaging. They especially appreciate it from brands that they trust and it creates a personal relationship between your customer and your company since text messaging has generally been reserved for close contacts only.

So, is there anything stopping you from adding on text messaging and opening up a new world of communication for your customers? And, as these imagined barriers crumble, what do you stand to gain from this forward motion?

Myths Creating Barriers to Change

Many businesses fail to innovate. This is largely due to the following misconceptions about the use of SMS applications.

Misconception #1: SMS messages are spam. Customers don’t want to receive them.

While the last thing you want is to attack your customers with messages, a few well-timed and highly relevant messages can be appreciated by customers who have consented to receive text messages from you.

However, what if your customers want to ask you a quick question via text, but you can’t provide a convenient answer because your customer support system lacks the capacity?

SMS messaging capabilities are only limited to what you can leverage. If you can add or train a customer support team to respond to SMS message inquiries as they would phone or email, you can optimize this communication channel even further.

Misconception #2: The technology is old.

Your tech capabilities are aging, but certainly not outdated. More than 97% of people use SMS messaging for everyday communication. This “old” technology offers the advantage of being well-established, and nearly everyone knows how to use it.

SMS communications also don’t require preconditions that may limit the channel (such as apps and/or internet connectivity).

Misconception #3: Text messaging can be expensive.

Not anymore. The relatively high cost of messaging means it used to be the exclusive privilege of large corporations. However, rapid technological development (and falling prices) means that text messaging is now available to any SME at competitive prices.

Misconception #4: You don’t have the time, information, and resources to implement and maintain an SMS communications system.

Engaging your customers via text messaging is a lot easier than you think. The only requirement on your end is to find a local solution provider. Fortunately, there are numerous local SMS solution providers who will easily integrate SMS messaging into existing helpdesk systems for you.

Current Trends in SMS Communications

Text message communication is easier and more inexpensive than ever. Just as important, survey results show that the market still has a lot of room for growth. Consider the following data points:

  • 52% of customers would rather receive customer support via text than by other means.
  • 44% of customers would prefer to receive information about their favorite products via text.
  • 79% of companies report the belief that their customers want SMS support.
  • Among marketers that currently use text messaging, more than 60% report that SMS messaging is “effective” in reaching customers.

The figures prove two important points. Firstly, a large proportion of customers are interested in connecting with their favorite brands via text message. Secondly, that demand is far from being satisfied.

What Traditional Support Tools Lack for Innovation

Failing to leverage an effective communication channel means missing an opportunity to fill customer needs. Improving your company’s ability to meet customer needs increases their satisfaction. This directly affects the bottom line and commercial viability of any company by boosting customer lifetime value and rates of customer retention.

If you want to be in the fast-growing majority who are leading by innovation, and earning their customers’ loyalty by developing long-term relationships over and over, you can access entire forgotten demographics with their favorite communication channels. Text messaging hits target audiences of youth and females, who may be overlooked by other means of communication such as email and phone.

The Additional Advantages of SMS Messaging

A notable but often ignored advantage of text messaging is the opportunity to deepen engagement with differently-abled customers. For example, customers with hearing problems can use SMS to easily contact the customer support desk and receive immediate help, which is more conducive to a smooth experience than TTY in most cases.

SMS messaging makes the recordkeeping process easier. Companies like yours can efficiently log and organize the needs and preferences of customers when communication is done via text messaging. Modern data analysis tools are making this process easier than ever.

Another advantage to texting? Your company can directly engage customers with multimedia content. Messages can be enhanced with URLS, PDF attachments, downloadable information, apps, images, and videos. These are a few benefits that simply aren’t practical over older means of communication like phone calls or flooded email inboxes.