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Getting Started

It’s straightforward. Sign-up and start using MessageKite to text your customers. It’s on the house.  If you find that MessageKite is not a right fit – simply cancel your account within 30 days – no questions asked. If you fall in love with it – simply continue using it with your selected plan.

It’s simple. Your landline remains voice-capable, but we add the ability to text to and from the number. It adds customer convenience and takes your communications to the next level.

No. Your voice services remain intact. Your current provider will continue to bill you for your phone and voice services. We’ll simply text-enable your existing landline numbers and provide access to a convenient web app so you can easily send and receive text messages.

There is no separate charge for text-enabling your landline or toll-free numbers. The cost of activation is already included in your monthly plan.

Typically, in just 7-10 business days from the day you sign up, your landline will be texting. This process does not affect your current service in any way.

The messages will be delivered to you via the convenient web dashboard, where you can see all your conversations, respond to customers, manage your address book and more. You can also get email notifications when customers text you.

Simply log in to your web app dashboard from any browser and text any of your customers from the conversation window.

Sure. You can either create messaging groups to text select customers at once or enter their phone numbers individually.

Of course. Simply compose your message or appointment reminder and select the date and time you want your message to be delivered. Our platform will deliver the message automatically on the selected date/time.

Yes. We can issue a completely new phone number for you to send and receive text messages.

If you’ve text-enabled your landline your customers will see your landline number, and  can text it back as they do with any regular mobile number.

Yes. Unlike landline numbers, toll-free numbers are charged for incoming and outgoing text messages. Please refer to Pricing page for more information.

Text-enabled landlines are intended for person-to-person communication, such as providing business or appointment related information. They are not intended for mobile marketing purposes. In case of abuse, your text-enabled number might be blocked, and we can’t guarantee its revival.

Overages are charged in batches of 100 messages, and depend on your package. Please check Pricing page for more details.


All plans include sending and receiving text messages in real time, group messaging, contact management, message templates, message scheduling, email notifications and more. Please check Pricing for more information.

No. All plans have the same features. You choose you plan based on your usage to save money. More you text – less it costs per text message. We always recommend you to start at a lowest tier plan if you are new to texting and upgrade as you go.

Yes. It can be easily done through your web app dashboard. In the Appointment Reminder window select the contact, the date and time you want your message to be delivered and it will be scheduled.

Message template are reusable messages to save you time when you want to send the same message over and over without retyping them. You can use message template in a variety of ways, for example to text your office address, send an appointment reminder, etc.

Of course. Simply drag and drop the available data fields into your message and they will be replaced with actual names when your message is sent.  You can create message templates with personalised custom fields. Sample fields are first name, last name, appointment date, current time, etc. 

Autoresponder is a feature that allows you to choose how to respond to a new incoming text message. For example, autoresponder can send a predefined text message if new inquiry comes after the office hours and/or send you an email notifying you about the new message.

Yes. You can import your existing contacts via .csv file. Go to Contacts page in your account dashboard for more information.

Billing & Payments

When you sign up for your account and choose your plan, you will be asked to setup your billing information on our secure website.  Your selected payment method will be charged at the beginning of the month. Overage usage will be billed during the next billing cycle.

We accept major credit cards, or depending on the location of your business, you may also pay by Visa debit.

You can also pre-pay by making a manual payment to your account. The credit will be automatically debited at the start of each month, instead of your primary form of payment being automatically charged.

We have designed several flexible billing plans to suit needs of even most demanding small and medium businesses. If you are an enterprise customer sending more than 1,000 text messages per month, please contact us for a better prices.

You can cancel your monthly plan at any time by sending a request to We’ll be happy to cancel your plan starting next billing cycle.