Powerful features to empower your front-desk communication

Two-way texting software is just the start. Get to know some of the added product features that will change the game for your front office staff.

Two-way text and picture messaging

Texting is personal. Cold calls happen. Cold texts don’t. People text their friends and family, not strangers. With two-way text messaging your customers can start texting you in minutes. You join the ranks of friends and family. You become part of their inner circle

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MessageKite Group Messaging

Group and mass texting

Easily notify your customers, staff, vendors, etc. of something important (e.g. closures, emergency notifications, etc) with group or bulk messaging and rest assured your message will be seen in 95% of cases.

Scheduling and reminders

Now, your front office staff can automate some of their more tedious tasks. From sending scheduling reminders, to confirming appointments – your staff will love merely clicking a few buttons, rather than making long repetitive calls. They can even use texts to prompt customers who are late on payments.

After-hours chatbot

Meet MiiA – the after-hours chatbot who lets customers know that your business has closed for the day – and it asks if they need urgent service. If they do, their inquiry will immediately be forwarded to the right person.

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Templates and personalization

Take the time out of typing repetitive messages. Effortlessly create templates for common messages and further enhance the effectiveness of those messages by automatically customizing each message with the recipients’ name.

Contact list management

Don’t worry – transitioning to MessageKite doesn’t require hours of data input. (Remember, our goal is to make life easier!) Simply export your contacts to a .csv file and upload that file to our software. You can even sort contacts into specific groupings – like one grouping for customers, and another for employees.

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It can be difficult to write back to every message quickly – but not replying to an inquiry can turn into a missed business opportunity. That’s why you can program MessageKite to set a timer on inbound messages. If a message hasn’t been replied to in a pre-set amount of time, then we’ll respond to the customer and notify you about the incoming message.

Support Inquiries

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