Business Texting Use Cases

Your front office staff can use two-way texting to get right to the point with customers, co-workers and suppliers. MessageKite lets your business send texts from the same phone number as your landline. Find your use case, then try it free.

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MessageKite receptionist sending texts from desktop

SMS Appointment Reminders

Reach your customers, clients, or patients on their favourite communication channel: text messaging. Use our appointment reminder app to easily send appointment confirmations, reminders, and information where your customers won’t miss them!

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Business Phone for Texting

Phone calls are a thing of the past. Let’s face it: all of those “Hi-how-are-you’s” add up. Customers nowadays prefer less talking and more texting. Business landline texting offers your employees and customers what they’re looking for: efficiency.

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It’s non-intrusive

Phone calls often require someone to stop what they’re doing and to focus on the call. Text messaging is super convenient and doesn’t require immediate attention or response.

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Texting From Your Desktop

If you’re like many people, you send text messages throughout the day to friends and family. Unlike phone calls and emails, over 90% of texts are opened and read. Increase your reach by sending a message they are nearly guaranteed to read from any computer.

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Your Business Number Can Text!

With so many customers texting, it only makes sense for businesses to join in with this line of communication. As with any marketing technique, it’s important to do some research first to ensure that business text messaging is right for your business.

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Automated Texting

Automation not only benefits you, but it also benefits your customers. Automated text messages can be sent to drive stronger engagement with your customers. Automated text messages be about an upcoming sale, your new social media presence, or anything in between.

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The environment of trust

When you build and foster trust with customers, they are more likely to look forward to your future communications. Protect your customer’s information properly. Ensure that all mass text messages do not expose personal phone numbers.

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Stop Chasing Customers

How many hours does your staff spend leaving voicemails that customers never hear? Follow-up on appointments and payments with quick, efficient text messages.

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