How To Achieve Better Work/life Balance With Texting for Small Business


If you’re a small business owner who has incorporated text messaging into everyday operations, you are definitely on the right track! Personal texting is the preferred method of communication today, and texting for small business is on the rise. It is easy, convenient and you can do it from anywhere at any time. Have you ever wondered if you are using text messaging properly?

While texting seems simple enough, chances are that there are a few things you can do to improve your personal and business life. One of the most important parts of implementing business text messaging is separating business from personal. As a business owner, you probably have a business cell phone as well as a personal cell phone. It only makes sense to use one for both purposes, right? While in many cases consolidation is your best bet, when it comes to company-based communication, it is always best to keep the two separate.Combining business and personal text messaging can be problematic. Common issues include:

No work/life balance

Business owners are busy people and some days you probably feel  that you just can’t finish your work. But, by not separating business communications from personal communications, work/life balanced is disrupted even more. If clients have your personal number, this means they can text and call you long after you’ve left work. This can start to interfere with family and personal time. While you may be a hardworking business owner, we all need time for ourselves and those around us!

Messages can get lost in the shuffle

Chances are that throughout the day, you receive plenty of personal and business text messages. If you keep these communications in one phone, the chances of forgetting to respond, responding to the wrong person, or overlooking a message is high. But, if you keep the two separate, you can properly manage communications with customers, friends, and family members. So how can you avoid these common business text message pitfalls? Thankfully, the solution is quite easy!

1. Don’t use your personal number for work-related activities

These days it is quite easy to get a second line for business texting purposes. If you search your app store for “free texting” keyword you’ll find tons of free apps. Get a new number for your business texting and avoid giving away your personal number from this time on.

2. Consider a text-enabling your business landline

This allows you to send and receive text messages without a need to use a cell phone at all. This strategy works best when your company already has a business landline phone that has been the go-to number for your customers. When you SMS-enable your business phone, you attract customers who prefer texting over calling. With texting for small business not only you add a new communication channel, but also can send picture coupons, reminders and notification to your customers.

3. Don’t neglect work/life balance

Taking time for yourself and time for your family, with no interruptions from your business, is a must! Don’t hesitate to not answer business communications after a certain time of day, and don’t feel as if you have to be available every hour of every day.

Don’t forget, we have only one life. While work is important, there are other more important things in life. Your family, children, friends and last but not least you – are craving for your attention! Without you being in a good shape and great mood your business will not prosper. Business texting for small business can be a a powerful tool, that can help you separate business from personal and free-up more time for your favorite activities. Don’t co-mingle the two and see how you’ll bring more smiles to the faces of people you care most!