Business Messaging for
Music Schools & Lessons

Streamline communication with parents, students and teachers with the help of text messaging. Business messaging for music schools let’s you easily reschedule appointments, send important notifications, coordinate events and more with their favorite communication channel .

Your old office phone line

Just got a text messaging facelift

Your office phone line does one thing: calls. This doesn’t always cut it. Your clients are often too busy to answer their phones, and they easily miss voicemails. Texts messages get read. Even if they are busy, your message is quickly and easily received. Following are a few more advantages text messaging offers over phone calls.

Landline messaging for music schools

Rescheduling 101

Rescheduling used to be a headache. Tracking down busy parents via email or phone easily consumed your day. Now with text messaging, rescheduling is accomplished in a few minutes with 2-3 efficient messages.

Set a text message appointment reminder

Lesson Reminders

People are busy. Rescheduled lessons or important rehearsals are easily missed or forgotten. Simple SMS reminders scheduled in advance and sent automatically will help get them there, on time.

Customer receives an SMS appointment reminder to get back

Streamline Coordination

Scheduling 2 busy teachers,
12 active parents and 7 separate students for a band rehearsal can get complicated fast.
SMS Group Messaging turns this complex task into an easy job.

You’ll spend nothing…

…To get more love from your customers

Texting saves valuable time and simplifies communications. Parents, teachers and students will appreciate your efforts to make their lives easier. They can use the time you save them to be with their families or simply get some much-needed rest. Grateful for your time-saving methods, they will tell their friends about you. The result: more business through your door.

All the features you need are included

Business Texting

Appointment Reminders

Scheduled Messages

Group Messaging

Message Templates

Contact Management


Get your messages read

MessageKite  turns millions of interactions with your customers into amazing insights, with out-of-the-box reports that answer the questions you haven’t even thought of yet.

Reschedule appointments

Customers hate being put on hold. Set or reschedule appointments via text and avoid this scenario completely.

Increase your customer base

If your business is not text-enabled, you are missing out on customers who prefer this mode of communication. Significantly increase your customer base by adding text messaging.