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Solve issues more efficiently and save your business valuable time. Bring your customers closer, makes communication easier and get tools to boost repeat business.

Text-enable your front desk and

Bring back more customers for     repeat business


Our simple automation tools help your front office to bring more customers back for business in a non-intrusive way. 


When they are in…


Customers come in for an oil change or scheduled maintenance. They leave happy, but how do you get them back for the next service 6 months later?


Set a reminder…


Before they step out of your shop, simply set up a text message reminder. This will automatically message them in 6 months that their service is due.


To get them back


When your reminders are automated, relevant and non-intrusive you’ll be surprised to see more returning and happy customers.

Success Stories

Chucho’s Car Care


MessageKite really streamlines our communication with customers.  Now we use text messaging to notify our customers whenever the job is complete, to send late payment notifications or anything in between. We don’t have to chase the customers over the phone anymore leaving voicemails that doesn’t get heard.  Our messages are read even if they are busy to answer at the moment. MessageKite has been a great stress reliever for our business.



Mike “Chucho” Skiatelli


Automotive business text messaging

Most Popular Use Cases


Text messaging offers benefits for every industry – from enhanced communication that expands your brand to a healthy boost in repeat business.

Car Sales

Two-way text message conversations with customers,  notify prospects about new arrivals and promotions, and set-up appointment reminders.

Auto Service

Scheduled maintenance reminders, reduce time chasing down customers and quickly provide price quotes to bring in more business.

Take your business to the next level

Give us a month and we’ll prove it works

Return on investment is amazing

Reap 100-fold benefits with business texting

Assume you charge $56 for your average oil change service. An single sale made thanks to an automated text message reminder is paying off your investment for approximately 4 months.


Average Oil Change Service


Front-Desk Texting Investment


Average Return on Investment