Texting Service
for Small Business Owners

Make the most of your valuable time! Let MessageKite’s texting service for small business remove the hassle of sending reminders, rescheduling appointments, contacting groups of customers and getting more return customers to your door.

We’ve created MessageKite simply because

Text messaging works better for everybody

It’s easy for your customers to miss that all important phone call or voicemail and it can take forever trying to call at a time that suits them. You don’t have that time to waste. It’s far more convenient to send them a text message that they can read and respond to in their own time. Discover the benefits of business text messaging texting now.

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Get your messages read

Text messages are personal and are more likely to be read with a success rate of 90% compared with phone calls and emails.

illustration of customer entering small business location with sms reminder in her hands

Better customer service

Make sure your customers don’t forget their appointments with reminders and answer any quick queries they may have with a simple SMS.

illustration of calendar appointment reminder with texting service for small business

Easy Appointments

When things need to change, keep everyone in the loop with just a couple of quick texts. No more wasted time chasing customers!

Your business to save time and money

With texting service for small business

Your organization’s manpower is valuable but that doesn’t mean you should spend less time on your appreciated customers. Text messaging is a quick cost-effective way to notify customers, answer queries and send group messages, leaving both you and your customers free to focus on other actions. They’ll appreciate it as much as you and tell their friends about your wonderful business practices.

Appointment reminders

Ensure your customers do not miss any appointments by setting up automatic scheduling notifications.

Reschedule appointments

Conveniently use SMS communications to change appointments without leaving the customer on hold.

Group messaging

Effortlessly inform whole groups of customers, staff or suppliers of important updates, changes and emergencies.

Customer growth

Small businesses need all the customers they can get, so win more with a texting service that puts customers first.

Treat customers like family

Demonstrate unbeatable customer service by texting your cherished customers, just as you would for a family member.

Get messages read

Calls may be missed and emails may get caught in spam filters but text messages are far more likely to be read.

You’ll spend nothing and…

…Experience the benefits of text messaging

Enjoy a MessageKite year-long free trial with no contracts or commitment! Watch your organization work harder and smarter for you and your customers.