Text Enabled Landline: What Is It and How It Works?


If you are searching for text enabled landline, the chance is that you are familiar with the following situation. You occasionally send a text message to a phone number and discover that it was send to a landline phone number. Immediately, you will get a message from your wireless operator that the message you sent was addressed to a landline number. Some carriers deliver text messages sent to landlines using text-to-speech feature. Others will disregard it. But the fact is that nowadays text enabled landlines slowly but steadily are becoming a reality thanks to the technology advancements.

So, What Is A Text Enabled Landline?

It’s simple. A phone number that’s enabled to send and receive text messages. Don’t be confused. The text messages are not actually sent to your office phone device. Neither, you will use your your desk phone keypad to compose a text message to a customer. It’s easier than that. In a very simplified model, first, text messaging portion of your phone number is activated with your service provider. Then, your number is virtually connected to a computer software which has an interface built for messaging. And here you go! You can start sending and receiving messages using your text enabled landline number via computer software.

Think of it as any messenger software you are familiar with, for example, Facebook Messenger. When you are in your Facebook account you have a chat window to chat with your friends, family or customers. They’ll respond to you either via Facebook messenger app or from a browser. To compose a message to your contacts you usually click their names. With text enabled landlines you’ll do the same, except you’ll type in their wireless number. Your landline phone number instantly becomes a wireless one. Anyone can contact you by sending a text message now. Easy?

Most solutions on the market will let you seamlessly implement landline text messaging on the same landline or toll-free phone number that you already use for your business. The good thing is that you will still own your phone number and can move it to another provider at anytime. In addition, adding texting capacity won’t disrupt your existing voice calls or services. It will give your customers another method to get in contact with you. In short: you expand two-way communication without losing what you’re already doing right.

Is There Really A Need For Text Enabled Landlines?

With almost everyone carrying smartphones around in their pockets and purses, not enabling texting on your customer-facing phone numbers can really put a damper on businesses wanting to connect with their clients.

Text enabled landline phone numbers let businesses leverage the rising trend of communicating with customers through text messaging. Nowadays, larger proportion of customers, especially Millennials, prefer to text customer support when resolving issues or just needing information. Moreover, for accessibility issues, for the hearing-impaired or hard of hearing, this is a great alternative for a business to offer.

Texting lets customers connect immediately without waiting or selecting options through a time-consuming voice menu or online form. You can make it easy and convenient for your customers by offering them a number to text message within seconds of needing assistance.

Pros and Cons

If you’re like many people, you send text messages throughout the day to friends and family. The benefits of text messaging are endless. Texting is simple, convenient, non-intrusive and can be done from anywhere at any time. As a business owner, you probably stick to conventional methods of communication, such as phone calls and emails. It’s no secret that nearly 75% of all Americans send text messages it’s a the preferred method of communication, especially for youth? So what does this mean for your company?

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of texting to determine if this communication method is works in real life situation.

The benefits

Businesses texting benefits are numerous. Here are top three:

  • Non-intrusive. Other methods of communication can be intrusive. Phone calls often require someone to stop what they’re doing and to focus on the call. However, text messaging is super convenient and doesn’t require immediate attention or response. You can send texts from anywhere at any time.
  • It’s very personal. Text messaging is the happy medium between personal and impersonal communication. Telemarketers cold call, but rarely cold text. They don’t want to intrude into one’s messaging space without permission. Therefore, using text messaging thoughtfully allows you not only to reach customers when it’s relevant, but also give them ability to respond back. Are you against getting getting into the inner circle of your customers?
  • Most Effective. No other communication method is as effective as a simple text message. People read 95% of their messages. It’s a fact. A single text message sometimes will deliver your message better than one thousand phone calls. In addition, if you’re a small company, you know the importance of saving money when possible. Text messaging isn’t expensive and requires no subscription fees, contracts or expensive commitments with most providers.

The Drawbacks

With the good comes some drawbacks, such as character limitations. One text messages is made up of up to 160 characters. This means that each message you send has to be short, sweet and to the point. Businesses overcome this limitation by using call to action text messages that redirect customers to your website or to your social media presence.


Since texting is the way of the world today, why not take part in this easy way of communicating? Number of businesses that uses texting as a method of communication grows every day because modern technology allows to add text messaging capacity to your business phone numbers. If used responsively and to the point there is a win-win both for businesses and for consumers alike. Text enabled landline phone numbers will help save time, be up to the point and create more trust between consumers and businesses. Isn’t it what we are all striving towards?

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Thank you for reading!