Text Messaging for Business Use: Dental Offices


Text messaging isn’t just for people to communicate amongst one another. In fact, customers are more likely to talk with companies who offer text messaging communication. A study conducted by recently determined that 9 out of 10 consumers want to be able to message businesses. However, only a small fraction of businesses in North America can currently send and receive business text messages. Most businesses still use personal wireless phones to communicate business affairs with customers.

The Benefits

Texting is the present and future of convenient communication with your customers. As a dental office, there are many ways that text messaging could be used to better communicate with your clients. Here are 3 ways to incorporate business text messaging into everyday dental office activities:

Send automated appointment reminders.

MessageKite sends text message with appointment reminder.
Customer receives automated text message reminder with appointment details.

Many people make dental appointments weeks in advance. We all live busy lives, and it’s easy to forget about an appointment made in the past. However, you can make your clients’ lives much easier by sending automated text messages. These texts could be sent a day ahead of an appointment to ensure that patients remember to come to the office. Automated appointment reminders are convenient for your office and for your patients!

Allows patients to easily communicate with the office.

Sometimes making a phone call or responding to an email isn’t possible. Allowing your patients to send a text message is quick and easy. Text messaging will allow patients to cancel or make an appointment, ask a question, or voice a concern. The best part is that this line of communication is private and requires very little time. Patients don’t have to wait until the office is open. As a result, your staff doesn’t have to spend as much time on the phone. A convenient way of communicating with your office is a must!

Send FAQs and other informational tidbits

Not enough people go to the dentist as often as they should. According to the CDC, only 62% of all adults visited the dentist in the last year. Sending small bursts of dental health information to your patients may prompt them to visit the office. Send statistics about untreated cavities or the prevalence of gum disease. Spreading dental health information will show patients that you care about their health!


Here are some questions you might ask yourself. Does my business communicate with customers on a daily basis? Do I have budget for business texting? Who is my audience and what primary communication channels do they prefer? Do we have necessary workforce to manage text messaging conversations?

Text messaging for business use is beneficial for all companies, most importantly for dental offices! By sending and receiving texts, your office will improve its customer service and communication ratings. Patients will embrace the new line of communication. Reach your clients more often and more conveniently by using text messaging for your business. Get started today!