Customers want to text to landline?
Now they can!

Text enabled landline phones now made their debut in Canada and Unites States with the new person-to-person capabilities designed just for small and medium business. Our powerful SMS customer support platform helps you reconnect with your customers via the most powerful and popular communication channel – text messaging. Allow customers ask you a quick question via text, conveniently text new customers your office address, send reminders, notifications, alerts and more. Now your landline can do even more for your business, so you can do more for your customers.

Interactive Text Messaging

Let’em know they can text you

Talk about the popularity of text messaging. No matter who you are – you text. Some text more, some text at a speed of zillion characters per second. Thanks to the new messaging technology and our platform, you can become buddies with your customers, when they add your business name to their messaging contact list.

Screenshots of text enabled landline phone app on desktop, tablet and mobile

Keep It Separate

Keep your personal line for you loved ones

As a small business owner you are always on the verge of mixing up personal with business. Because when you are small, it’s about being personal – with your customers, with your service. And a lot of times you mix your personal things with business. For example, you know a customer by name and he keeps texting you with questions. It’s great, but you have personal life as well. With your text-enabled landline phones your business line is separate from your personal, yet it is easily accessible for you to manage and answer your customers on a personal level, as before.