Start texting your customers for free for 30-days and see how much love and business you generate. No credit cards, no contracts or commitments. Your free plan includes text-enabling your existing number or getting you a new phone number, appointment reminders, message templates, autoresponder, group messaging, contact management, and more.



billed annually
or $9.99 month to month

per outgoing message

per incoming messages

or get a new one

Group Messaging
up to 70 people

No Contracts. No Committments.

Distributed Enterprise


For custom quotation

Multiple Location
support for distributed enterprise

Volume Discounts
and shared message bundles

Bulk Messaging
and unlimited groups


Technical and Customer Support

All plans include

All the features you need to get more customers at your door

Landline or Toll-Free Texting

Group Messaging

Appointment Reminders

Scheduled Text Messages

Email Notifications


Message Templates

Contact Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really offering free business texting?

Yes, we do. And there are no tricks, gimmicks, hidden fine prints. We simply want you to see how texting can help your small business to bring more repeat business and communicate more efficiently with your customers.

How does the free trial work?

Register here and choose to SMS-enable your existing phone line or get a new phone number. If you find that texting is not a fit for your business after your free month – simply cancel your account. If you decide to continue, the Starter plan is just $9.99/mo (when billed annually).

Will my existing services be affected?

No. Adding text messaging capability to your existing phone line is a completely independent process. It will not affect your current voice services or billing with your current carrier.

What is a text-enabled landline or toll-free number?

It’s simple. Your landline remains voice-capable, but we add the ability to text to and from the number. It adds customer convenience and takes your communications to the next level.

How long does it take to text-enable my landline?

Typically, in just 7-10 business days from the day you sign up, your landline will be texting. This process does not affect your current service.

How do I text customers from my landline?

Simply log in to your web app dashboard and send text message to any of your customers from the conversation window.

Do I need to cancel or change my current provider?

No. Your voice services remain intact. Your current provider will continue to bill you for your phone and voice services. We’ll simply text-enable your existing landline numbers and provide access to a convenient web app so you can easily send and receive text messages.

How do I see the texts sent to my landline?

The messages will be delivered to you via the convenient web dashboard, where you can see all your conversations, respond to customers, manage your address book and more. You can also get email notifications when customers text you.

Can I get a new phone number for texting purposes only?

Absolutely. We can issue a completely new phone number for you to send and receive text messages. Phone numbers currently can be issued in the United States and Canada. Simply select a new number option during the registration.

Still have questions?

We have answers

Text us at (844) 201-TEXT (3787)

or contact support