Business texting app for your front-desk

Completely transform the way your front desk operates with business texting app. Get right to the point with customers, co-workers and suppliers by texting from your front-desk.

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MessageKite Business Texting App

Text From Reception Desk Using Your Business Number

Drive your front desk’s efficiency to the next level and superpower your staff to manage tasks and customer communications at lightning speeds.

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Two-way Messaging

Send and receive text (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) from the convenience of desktop computer. With two-way conversational messaging your business will start communicating with your customers, vendors or employees in minutes.

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Send Texts Ahead of Time

Now your front office can automate some of their most tedious tasks with scheduled messaging from business texting app. From sending scheduled reminders, to following up on late payments. The efforts is reduced to a clicking a few buttons, instead of repetitive calls.

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Templates and Personalization

No need to write the same message over and over. Effortlessly create templates for common messages that can be dropped in easily with friendly personalization. ‘Hi [First Name]’ automatically becomes ‘Hi Jennie’ and a message becomes friendlier without any effort.

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Set a timer on inbound messages and if a message hasn’t been replied to in a pre-set amount of time, then we’ll respond to the customer and notify staff about an incoming message.

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Group Messaging

Easily notify your customers, staff, vendors, etc. of something important (e.g. closures, emergency notifications, etc) with group messaging and rest assured your message will be seen in 95% of cases.

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44% of consumers would prefer to press a button to initiate a text conversation immediately, rather than waiting on hold to speak with an agent.

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Business Texting App With Pro Tools For Small Business

Give your reception staff intuitive tools to improve communication, automate ineffective workflows and simply get more love from your customers with business texting app.

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Send and receive text and picture messages from your desktop

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Send text message reminders that get seen 98% of time

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Set up text messages to be sent at a later date when it is most relevant

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Automatically answer after hour inquires with smart chatbot

Success Stories

Long & McQuade is Canada`s biggest music store offering a huge selection of musical instruments and music lessons across Canada.

We are using the business texting app at almost 70 locations across Canada. Students, teachers and staff enjoy using the service to communicate regarding requests, scheduling and other inquiries. Support for the service is timely and helpful. We especially enjoy the Appointment Reminders feature for setting up a text to send automatically 24 or 48 hours before a student’s first scheduled lesson.

– Alice Hansen, Regional Lessons Supervisor

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Your customers and front-desk will love it!

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