Business Texting App
for Small Business Owners

Communicating with your customers and getting them back for more repeat business is easier when your office phone can send and receive text messages with our business texting app.

Join your customers’ inner circle

Take customer connections to the next level: Let them text you.

Texting is personal. Cold calls happen. Cold texts don’t. People text their friends and family, not strangers. With our business texting app, your customers can start texting you in minutes. You join the ranks of friends and family. You become part of their inner circle.

Keep It Separate

There’s no need to mix business with pleasure on your personal phone. Conveniently text customers from your business landline or toll-free number.

Keep It Affordable

It’s so cheap and so simple to get started. In fact, it’s so easy, we’re wondering why you aren’t already on the sign-up page.

Add A Little Love

Customers call. They email. It’s business as usual –formal and cold. Want to feel the love from customers? Add personality to your business by letting them text you.

And A Lot of Business

Reduce errors and lost business. Minimize follow-up procedures. Save time. Scheduling and changing appointments becomes easy and efficient via text.

Business text messaging in a box

Powerful Features. Perfect Price.

We have designed this business text messaging platform with the small and medium business in mind – with powerful functionality for enterprise-level operations. Our simple and elegant layout creates the perfect business solution – at an affordable price. And, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Industries benefiting from business texting app

Text messaging offers benefits for every industry – from enhanced communication that expands your brand to a healthy boost in repeat business.


Get more repeat customers with scheduled maintenance reminders, reduce time chasing down customers and quickly provide price quotes to bring in more business.

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Music Schools & Lessons

Streamline communication with busy parents, easily reschedule appointments and save payroll hours by reducing myriad phone calls to simple text notifications.

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Condo Management

Communicate with residents via text messaging, send important maintenance notices, emergency alerts and easier manage visitor parking.

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Health & Medical

Enjoy easier appointment scheduling, experience fewer missed appointments, and answer simple inquiries quickly and efficiently.

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Deckmart uses Landline text messaging app to communicate with customers


Locally owned and operated, DeckMart Building Supplies provides superior service and premier decking materials. With over 15 years of experience, they are experts in their field and pride themselves in partnering with their customers to create the best deck for their needs.

Getting a text enabled landline phone in our showroom was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We give our customers more communication choices. Customers enjoy texting us for quick inquiries and estimate.- Artur |