A2P 10DLC Messaging Approved. We’re a Registered Campaign Service Provider!

We’re proud to be registered with the Campaign Registry, a new framework regulating A2P (Application-to-Person) 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) messaging in the United States.

The Campaign Registry is designed to streamline the ecosystem for businesses sending SMS messages, ensure transparency, and enhance the delivery of such messages while protecting consumers from spam and unwanted content.

Businesses are required to register their messaging campaigns, verify their identity, classify the nature of their messages, and provide clear consent mechanisms for recipients.

The Registry imposes costs such as registration and monthly fees, but in return, it promises a more trusted messaging environment, potentially facilitated by Trusted Gateways that prioritize message delivery and help maintain compliance.

MessageKite's all-inclusive pricing approach simplifies budgeting for its customers.

Key regulations and requirements of The Campaign Registry

Mandatory A2P 10DLC registration

Businesses using A2P 10DLC must register their campaigns, providing details about their organization and messaging use cases.

Identity verification

To become a vetted A2P 10DLC sender, businesses must establish their identity by submitting various verification documents.

Campaign classification

Messaging campaigns are classified into categories like promotional or transactional, aiding in better message traffic management.

Message templates

Certain classifications may require pre-approval of message templates to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Customer consent

Clear opt-in and opt-out provisions must be in place, empowering customers to manage their message preferences.

Cost implications

Initial fees

A one-time registration fee, which varies based on vetting level and organization size, is required.

Ongoing expenses

Monthly service fees and per-message fees are applicable, depending on the service provider and messaging volume.

Additional charges

Costs for registering individual campaigns, using short codes, and potential compliance penalties may also be incurred.

Advantages of A2P 10DLC Registration

Enhanced delivery

Direct carrier connections ensure that important messages are delivered promptly and reliably.

Compliance support

Tools and services are provided to help businesses comply with registry regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties.

Optimized strategy

Features like message throttling and intelligent routing enhance delivery success rates and customer satisfaction.

Reputation monitoring

Monitoring feedback from carriers helps maintain a positive sender reputation and reduces spam classification

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