Simple Pricing. No Contracts. No Surcharges. No Hidden Fees.*

Improving your communication with your customers shouldn’t be difficult, so we have designed a pricing model with no surprises! Simply buy credits as you need them. That’s it!

*Other vendors may charge One-time Registration Fees, User Limits, Monthly Subscription Fees, Telephone Number Fees, Carrier Fees, Annual Vetting Fees etc.

One credit = one outbound or one inbound message

*MMS messages are charged as 2 credits

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In case you are still wondering if our solution is right for your business, there’s no risk, as every new account starts with fifty free credits!

Commonly asked questions

Based on the questions we get asked the most, here’s what you need to know. For everything else, just ask!

Will my existing services be affected?

No. Utilizing MessageKite will not affect your existing services and/or billing with your current service providers.

What number will be displayed when we text?

Customers will either see your existing business number or you might also choose a completely new number.

Can I bring over my wireless number?

No. At this time we can add texting capability only to landlines and VoIP phones.

Can I send group text messages?

Yes. Easily notify your customers, staff, etc. efficiently with one communication.

Can I send mass marketing SMS messages?

No. MessageKite is designed for direct communication with individuals with a connection to your business.

How will my front desk send text messages?

To send/receive messages, your staff will use our convenient cloud-based web app which is accessible from any web browser.

Can I get a new number for texting?

Absolutely. You can choose to have a completely new number for text messaging purposes. Simply choose your new number during the registration.

Can I cancel my subscription?

That’s the great thing about our pricing, you only buy the credits you need with no commitment!

How long does it take to activate my account?

Typically, you will be up and running in two or three business days from the day you sign up.

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