One simple price. Unlimited messaging.

Give your front desk business texting powers and see how much love and business you generate from your staff and customers. It’s a 30-day free trial. No contracts or commitments.

Toll-Free Messaging

Use your toll-free number


Per Month

when billed annually or $9.99 month-to-month

  • All features included
  • $0.015 per incoming or outgoing message
  • Use your existing toll-free number
  • No contracts. No commitments.

Business Messaging

Use your landline or VoIP business phone number


Per Month

when billed annually or $12.99 month-to-month

  • All features included
  • Unlimited two-way text messaging
  • Use your existing business phone number
  • No contracts. No commitments.

Distributed Enterprise

For companies with multiple locations

  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Business features

Commonly Asked Questions

Based on questions we get asked the most here is what you need to know.

Will my existing services be affected?

No. Subscribing to MessageKite will not affect your existing services and/or billing with your current service providers.

What number will customers see when we text?

Customers will either see your existing business number or you might also choose a completely new number.

Can I send bulk text messages?

No. MessageKite is Person-to-Person (P2P) conversation service and can’t be used to send bulk text messages.

Can I send mass marketing SMS messages?

No. MessageKite is designed for conversational type of communication only. We have zero-tolerance towards spam.

Do I need to cancel or change my voice provider?

No. Your voice services remain intact. Your current provider will continue to bill you for your phone and voice services. We’ll simply add texting feature to your existing landline numbers.

How will my front desk send text messages?

To send/receive text messages, schedule reminders and manage contacts your staff will use our convenient cloud-based web app accessible from any web browser.

Can I get a new number for texting?

Absolutely. You can choose to have a completely new number for text messaging purposes. Simply choose new number during the registration.

Can I add texting to my toll-free number?

Yes. Unlike landline numbers, toll-free numbers are charged for incoming and outgoing text messages. Please refer to the top of this page for pricing.

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